Pakyas nga Gugma ni Atan (Frustrated Love of Atan)

Matag kanaog sa mga bituon, Akong gipangandoy nga mabalik atong relasyon. Matag hangin nga mohapuhap sa akong panit, Imong pangalan akong masangpit.   Mga tam-is natong handurawan, Kalit nitugpa sa akong alimpatakan. Hinungdan mga luhang nagdagayday sa mga mata dili nako mapungan.   Kining kataposang bala nga akong gamiton, Hinaot sa laing kalibutan, atong panag-uban … Continue reading Pakyas nga Gugma ni Atan (Frustrated Love of Atan)

Are you the boss?

Giving out orders here and there, that’s what the oldest of a group often does, while the neophyte fulfils those orders once in a while like a dog. It is really hard to develop progress at work if there is a senior or the oldest member of a group who forcibly dictates on the work … Continue reading Are you the boss?

Are you in love?

When I read the Code Red magazine, I learned that infatuation and love are different. Teenagers, including me, often mistake infatuation for love. According to the article, infatuation is focused on one person. That article caught my attention. The author gave an advice to a guy who was obsessed from afar, and was enamored by a woman’s … Continue reading Are you in love?